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"Afternoon Aria Above Tree Line"
Looking Southwest in the Collegiate Peaks, from Mount Yale

Hi There

I'm an American Oil Painting Artist in Colorado Offering Traditional Landscapes & Classic Still Lifes


I would love to paint something for you! 

If you like any of the styles demonstrated within my work, please contact me.

GloryPaulsonFineArt apples in blue bowl.
Oil Paintings


Oil Paintings
USAFA Class Oil Paintings

USAFA Class Oil Paintings

Spruce Mountain-24x36-300dpi.jpeg
Fine Art Giclée Prints

Fine Art Prints

Reviews - updated



It is gorgeous! I love it. Really beautiful. Thank you so much for getting in touch when the shipping was delayed.

-- Rachel, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the wonderful picture. I really love it. The touch of color and picture is wonderful. 

-- Yoshinori, Japan


Everything is pristine -- and exquisite! ❤️ I absolutely love seeing all the texture and dimension and am wondering what I can commission you for next. So professional. It feels very special and of high quality.

-- Julia, Minnesota


Glory is great to work with and her customer service and prompt assistance is outstanding. Then there’s the work itself which makes the start of a new day feel like a warm cup of coffee! When she gets back from vacation look her up. You won’t be disappointed.

-- Rusty, Wisconsin


I’m a happy customer!!!!! Meets more than expectations. Definitely will come back for more. Keep creating ... Love the feel of the painting. It gives me good feelings... THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥️ 

-- Elizabeth, North Carolina

I couldn’t be happier ... attention to detail in the art work ... exceeded my expectations. Plus, the set shipped immediately and arrived within two days of purchases. Really pleased with both the quality and professionalism ...

-- Molly, Virginia

Heather on the Moors, Bronte Country, Yo

Beautiful! Even better in person!! ... We bought two canvas textured prints from Glory Paulson Fine Arts and LOVE them both. ... Fast delivery and excellent prices.

-- Randy, Virginia

Beautiful, exquisite materials used. Fast shipping and carefully packaged. A lovely note included.

-- Sonia, Nebraska

Still Life Pear and Lemon Oil Painting b

I couldn’t think of any other picture that I would want in this space. It is just absolutely perfect. I [knew] when I saw it that I wanted it in my new kitchen!❤️❤️

-- Shari, Nebraska


I post something most days -- in-process painting photos, finished pieces, painting videos, wildlife spottings, motivational quotes & more!

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