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Ideas for Selling at


Paris Market Vintage

Examples of Some Framed Work

I currently only sell *unframed* prints in my Etsy shop, so the selection at Paris Market Vintage would be unique.

(However, my original oils are framed -- I think their price would be to high to offer at your shop,

but please let me know if you visit my Etsy shop and think otherwise.)

Regarding Frames: I have some rustic barn wood frames, wood frames, and other vintage frames.

I'm totally willing to offer new options to suit the style of your shop!

8" x 10" Giclée Prints of Original Oil Paintings

(To Be Sold Framed without Glass)

PMV Oil Prints

Original and Giclée Prints

of Original Watercolors and Dip-Pen Calligraphy

(to be sold framed)

PMV Calligraphy

Giclée Printed Archival Blank Greeting Cards

(individuals to be sold in protective sleeve with envelope)

PMV Cards