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Hi there!

I'm Glory, a self-taught American oil painter, living and creating most of my paintings on a ridge in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Larkspur, Colorado.

A 2002 Air Force Academy graduate and former Air Force Public Affairs Officer, I'm now a veteran, military spouse, mother of four, and fine artist privileged to have offered my artwork for sale since 2020.

I capture landscapes that highlight the surrounding beauty in the Palmer Divide, the Air Force Academy, Colorado, and beyond. I also love to paint traditional still life highlighting the simple things in life.


I use traditional, slow-curing oil paints, mostly on natural surfaces of linen, cotton, and wood. I also use modern products and materials where they facilitate my work.


Using the old paints, I enjoy carrying on the legacy of the early oil painters and feel connected to the heritage of humanity past with its traditions, culture, and craftsmanship. In a sense, it is a reminder that age-old wisdom and beauty can help ground and guide us into the future, in a world increasingly governed by prescribed thought and idealization of technology. I believe individual liberty is an essential element to a society where people can live beautifully. I still cherish the oath I once took to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


Creating traditional art is one way I promote a culture embracing the classic ideals of beauty, goodness, wisdom, and a love of truth. It's also a lot of fun!


Painting began as a hobby in my youth, and a childhood spent canoeing, camping, and playing amongst the lakes, rivers, and forests of Minnesota developed in me a love of nature.


A former distance runner, the fondest memories I have travelling all over the country and the world are from the scenery enjoyed while running.

In my children's early years, we homeschooled and enjoyed weekly art study of the Master artists. We also frequented the fine art museums in D.C., Dayton, Cincinnati, and Denver. A close-up appreciation of the Masters has always inspired and informed my taste. 


I graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2002, where I studied political science and French. I was in squadrons 32 and 10 and ran varsity Cross Country and Track. I also served as a Group Honor Chair, did Airborne with the Army, and enjoyed language immersion in France.


Forever grateful for my experience at USAFA, I idealize the virtues of duty, honor, character, integrity, and a love for my country. It is my great privilege and joy to offer the Long Blue Line Collection to remember and honor this beautiful, powerful place.


After commissioning, I served as an Air Force Public Affairs Officer, first at RAF Mildenhall in England then at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota. 


My last day in the Air Force was also the day I wed my husband, whom I met when we both ran Cross Country and Track at USAFA. He is still active duty and is able to run 50-mile races -- I should start listening to his advice on injury prevention.


Now blessed with four amazing children, we've relocated several times, owned a couple farms, and have supported a couple long deployments to remote Afghanistan (stories there!).

IMG_4226 7.JPG


Global travel of earlier days instilled in me a great appreciation of Old World beauty, art, and charm. 


In high school, I only made it as far as Mexico. While attending USAFA, I was able to visit India, Haiti, and Mexico with YWAM, and Israel and France in a cadet capacity. 


While active duty, I absolutely loved living and working amongst the British during my service in England, though several of my closest friends happened to be from South Africa. As if the regions of Great Britain weren't glorious enough, the architecture, history, culture, and landscape of all Europe was literally a tiny flight away (yay, Ryan Air!). I parasailed, spelunked, and cycled through Switzerland; explored my way through Norway; rode the train and ate through Italy; hiked through Germany; walked through Belgium; walked A LOT through Israel (just a heads up: the U.S. Consulate, now Embassy, does not prefer you get close walking past in the middle of the night); and explored all over France (a favorite memory being caught by the tide and having to return on my run through a spiky hilled forest).


In my work capacity, I also spent time in Germany, Poland, and North Korea. I have such beautiful memories meeting and working with wonderful people!

After becoming a civilian, my husband and I enjoyed a babymoon to Israel where my first unborn child got to trek up Masada, float in the Dead Sea, and drive a car all over the country (just a note: The signage to East Jerusalem is not clear, but we didn't have any troubles once we accidentally arrived there).

Everywhere I've travelled, I've been inspired by the great people, food, beauty, and history, and I credit the experience of traveling with developing my love of traditional oil painting.


IMG_9059 2.JPG

Painting began for me in childhood -- for pleasure, gifts and my own decor.

I bought my first oil paints as a lieutenant in England, but they confounded me, and I didn't pull them out again for almost 15 years -- and they were as good as new! I enjoyed experimenting and playing with them to create whatever struck my fancy.

Soon after, a friend asked if she could purchase one of my paintings, then a professional artist friend asked if I'd paint her something. And voila! my painting career officially began.


I've since grown to enjoy offering my work through various venues online, locally, and sometimes in person. My first individual art gallery exhibition was in 2021.


I am thrilled to currently be settled in Colorado where there is no shortage of gorgeous landscapes.

My studio overlooks some of Douglas County's Open Space, where foot trails abound.

At heart, I am an outdoor adventurer, feeling most alive when moving along out of doors. While my body doesn't seem to want me to distance run anymore, I'm thrilled I still get to hike and take pictures for later painting.

Our family sometimes camps and travels, with the Pacific Coast being one of my treasured occasional jaunts.

Most of my paintings are created at my home studio, where I live with my husband, our four children, and several dogs, cats, and chickens.

[This video, possibly only available on desktop, was taken by me atop Mount Elbert.]



Two other Old World artistic passions of mine are traditional dip-pen calligraphy and watercolor painting, though I don't currently spend much time creating these works.

I offer these pieces via greeting cards and special order prints.

Artist Associations

Palmer Lake Art Group, former Member

Palmer Lake Art Group member, Glory Paulson

Oil Painters of America, former Associate Member

Oil Painters of America, member, Glory Paulson

Plein Air Artists Colorado, former Member

Plein Air Painters Colorado, member, Glory Paulson

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, former Artist Member

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, member, Glory Paulson, Larkspur, Colorado
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