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American oil painter living on a ridge in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Larkspur, Colorado.

I capture landscapes that highlight the beauty surrounding us in the natural world as well as traditional still life pointing to the simple things in life.

I use traditional methods of slow-drying oil paints on surfaces of linen, cotton, gesso panel, and wood.

The Heart of my Art

A childhood spent amongst the lakes, rivers, and forests of Minnesota developed in me a love of nature, and global travels of earlier days, classic literature, and the study of history gave me a deep appreciation for old world beauty, art, and charm. These influences inform all my artistic endeavors. 

My work aims to connect to the heritage of humanity past and its traditions, culture, and craftsmanship as a reminder that age-old wisdom and beauty can help ground and guide us into the future, in a world increasingly governed by prescribed thought and idealization of technology. I appreciate traditional ways of living in terms of food, health, family, virtue, and the like, and I believe in individual liberty as an essential element to a beautiful society.

I use traditional, slow-curing oil paints and lavender oil, mostly on natural surfaces, as a means of carrying on the legacy of the early oil painters. I also use modern products sparingly.


Creating traditional art is one way I promote a culture embracing the classic ideals of beauty, goodness, wisdom, and a love of truth.


Hi there, I'm Glory

Painting began for me in childhood, for pleasure, gifts and my own decor, and for years I visited art museums to appreciate the paintings of the masters, often with my children in tote.


After a friend asked if she could purchase one of my paintings, then a professional artist friend asked if I'd paint her something, my painting career officially began. I've since grown to enjoy offering my work online and in person, including individual exhibition.


I'm a Minnesota native from a large family and have a former life in the military. After studying political science and French at the Air Force Academy, I served as an Air Force Public Affairs Officer -- stationed at RAF Mildenhall, England, UK, and Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. Now I'm a military spouse and mother of four children, with a few dogs, a cat, and some chickens.


At heart, I am an outdoor adventurer, feeling most alive when moving along out of doors. I'm a former distance runner -- Varsity Track and Cross Country at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 2002 -- turned mostly hiker by injury, enjoying the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


I'm grateful to paint the natural world surrounding me in Colorado, little bits of travel, and occasional, relished jaunts to the Pacific coast.